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Our Junk Removal Locations

Junk Hammers is prepared to get to work in many different service areas!

When the community needs help, Junk Hammers is there to answer the call. We’re a local junk removal business that’s based in Upland, PA, but we’re always prepared to take on projects all around the Philadelphia Area. Whether you need our help removing residential junk or cleaning out a commercial space, you can count on us to do the work in a timely manner—and for a fair price, too!

Our local junk haulers can be at your service as soon as today or tomorrow, too. Looking to schedule a same-day junk removal appointment? Contact us online, and we’ll aim to be there as soon as possible! No matter which of our junk removal locations you’re at, it’s a sure bet we’ll be right on time with an empty truck, ready to make your junk disappear.


The Junk Hammers Advantage

There are many local companies that pick up junk. Why choose Junk Hammers? Well, consider the fact that we’re not part of a franchise. This might not seem like an advantage for you at first, but there are hidden benefits. For example, since we don’t have to spend our money on franchise fees, we can afford to give you lower prices. Additionally, we’re not encouraged to saddle you with unfair hidden fees!

Be sure to also consider that, as a totally local business, we have a strong connection with the Philadelphia Area. From Downtown Philly to the borders of Bensalem, we love our community, and that’s because many of us grew up here. We’re interested in keeping our home as clean as possible, too, so expect us to haul away your junk with a skip in our step.


Our Junk Removal Cost System

We believ all our customers in all our junk removal locations deserve fair prices. This is why we use a volume-based cost model to determine what they pay. But how does it work? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Our truck has a certain amount of space, and the amount of space your junk uses up is the basis for your final price. Will you use a quarter of a truckload? A half? Or the entire thing?

We’ll actually be able to estimate the amount of truck space your junk will use up at a glance. Because of this, we can even provide you with an upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment! That’s right—our Philadelphia Area customers will get to know what they’re paying from the start.

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

What happens to the junk we collect? That’s a great question. We recognize that many of our competitors simply take everything they pick up to a landfill. While this technically completes the work, we believe there are better choices for our environment. This is precisely why we focus on recycling and donating our junk. By diverting as much junk as we can from the landfill, we’ll make less of a negative impact on the environment, and shouldn’t that be our responsibility as a junk removal business?

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