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How It Works

Our junk removal process guarantees your customer satisfaction! Learn how it works below.

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How Does Our Junk Removal Work?

There are no mysteries about it: our junk pick up is simple!

Junk Hammers is a full-service junk removal company that proudly serves the Philadelphia Area. “But what does that mean?” you might ask. In the simplest terms possible, whenever our customers have junk, they call us, let us know they’d like us to take it away, and schedule an appointment. We’re there shortly afterwards with an empty truck that we’ll load their junk into!

Chances are, if you’re on this webpage, you’ve got some junk that you’d love to get rid of. The good news is that we can haul away just about any kind of junk you can dream of. This includes garbage, furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. Check out our services to see all the ways we can serve you.

Our Junk Removal Cost

Every junk removal business has bills to pay. Insurance has to be covered, the truck needs to be fueled up, and employees have to be paid. However, some businesses are more affordable for the customer than others—and Junk Hammers strives to be the most economical option for you!

We use a simple, volume-based cost system, which basically means that what you pay is based on how much we remove. We never add hidden fees to your final bill, either, as this isn’t what we’d call “fair play”. You can even request a cost estimate by clicking the button below!

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More Reasons to Choose Junk Hammers

  • Fast. We want to save you as much time as possible. That’s why we stay focused on junk removal during your appointment. On top of this, we even provide same-day and next-day junk removal appointments!
  • Friendly. Our crew is a positive-minded bunch that’s all about removing your clutter. They love serving people from their community, so expect them to do their best and treat you with the courtesy you deserve.
  • Eco-Friendly. We also think our planet deserves to be treated with courtesy. This is why, instead of pouring all our junk into a landfill, we recycle and donate everything we can. Let’s reduce waste together!
  • Professional. Professionalism is basically our middle name. That’s why we always wear clean uniforms, honor our upfront quotes, and ensure our timely arrival at each and every appointment.

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During Your Appointment

  1. Get an Upfront Quote

    After we have arrived at your property, we’ll quickly review all your unwanted items, then let you know how much you’ll be paying.

  2. Full-Service Hauling

    Approve our quote, and our team will immediately begin their work. Since they do all the hauling, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

  3. Settling Up

    Once we’ve loaded up our truck, we’ll check our work and accept your payment. We accept cash, cards, and checks.

  4. Junk Disposal

    Finally, we will leave so we can dispose of your junk. During this step, you can simply get back to whatever else you had planned that day!

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Our Story

About Junk Hammers

Junk Hammers is a newer junk removal business, but that doesn’t mean we’re lacking in experience. In fact, our crew consists of talented junk haulers who banded together to provide the Philadelphia Area with a better junk removal option. Tired of our “big box” competitors showing up late and cranking up their prices? Now you can save both time and money by booking service with us. Best of all, you’re supporting a local business in the process. Instead of sending all your cash out of the area, we’ll reinvest it in other local businesses, helping keep our economy great!

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

Shouldn’t we go the extra mile to protect our environment? We certainly think so at Junk Hammers. That’s why, when other businesses dump all their junk in the landfill, we put in extra effort to swing by local recycling plants and donation sites. By cutting down on the amount of junk we put in the dump, we can reduce our negative impact on the earth. It’s what everyone should be doing, really!

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